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hello guys and welcome back to a new video the BMW 8 Series Cabriolet or series 8 theway one call it 2020 it's right here with me and I will review it for youinterior exterior and I try to show you as many as detail as possible I have totell you this is one of my favorite cabrillo let cars on the market in 2020and it's gorgeous really gorgeous look at this rims they look so so nice on thecar we have here I think if I'm not wrong 20 inch rims yes exactly 20 inchrims and we have the sport brake calipers the M Sport brake calipers onthe car they look fabulous even the LED lights in the back lookgorgeous we have full LED on the car six parkingsensors in the back on the back bumper the back bumper it's fabulous look atthe design look at the lines guys look at this great glossy with the exhaustpipe we have some fake exhaust piping and inside there we have the real Swanhere we have some plastic design plastic lines also the the red light reflectorsfor the night reverse camera LED lights on the number plate really beautifuldesign I think it's the most beautiful couple at this new 8 Series capulet isthe most most beautiful in this class in my opinion and I really like it and Ithink the the bumper and I think the LED lights make all the moneyit's so beautiful so nice design even the blinkers look fantastic there youcan see the shape there is kind of a three-dimensional shape even up here onthe trunk gate looks so so nice also the brake light really the brake light inthe middle there and we will see it in the momentbut really nice nice lines here here's the brake light that I'm told you itlooks really nice really the back of the car look fantastic now we will go uphere they make also some lines on the on the trunk there and then tell me whatyou think guys I'm really curious which one is your favorite copy roll it car in2020 also here around these edges we have glossy black plastic that go allthe way there also here very good quality leather you can see also herewith the stitches white stitches there very good quality on the on the roofthere also all the way to the door it's gold is glossy plastic around the Carternow let me go in the front to show you the rest the blinkers LED lights on themirrors as well they look so beautiful down there we have the camera you cansee the camera right there because this can this car have 360 degrees camerahe'd have this new system that you can park the car or you can seethree-dimensional around the car so it's very very easy to park the car also themirrors look nice some glossy plastic around them there we have the blind spottechnology on the mirror you can see the triangle there some glossy plastic alsoon the on the body of the car there around the windshield on the side wehave some plastic glossy here that make the car look much more sporty ER andaggressive give a little bit of taste to the car here are the information aboutthe car if you're interested 840 D X Drive Cabriolet this is the new 8 Series3 liter engine we have 320 horsepower there the price of this car it's 150$7,000 the ground price for this car it's $136,000 this is the new startingprice also plus option the price will be bigger 7.5 this is consumption of thisvery powerful engine and now we will go in the front and I will show the the LEDlights right here with the new technology from BMW laser LED light youcan see also here on the side it said BMW laser those are the most newtechnology six parking sensors in the front as wellbeautiful bumper in the front guys really really nice design with the linesthere and all that fancy features there the air go on the side of the car forbetter aerodynamic they just design it like that that helped a lot with theconsumption and also the handling on the road here we have a big hole where theair go inside and if you look careful inside there you will see on the otherside that the air go there in and it go outside around the wheels actually theygo directly to the brake disk where they cool down a little bit the brake diskwhen you're driving really fast that air will go to the wheels there to the brakediscs and calipers and they help a little bit with the heat so a greatgreat system there also as you see on the other side brake calipers or m-sportthe really very good quality also nice higher dynamic on the bumper here in themiddle we have the rather for adaptive cruise control emergency brake and allthat new features then the grill that go to air directly to the engine and on theother side the same same story as I told you there and also beautiful lines herealso some rubber here to protect the down part of the car while you'redriving little stones and stuff like that thefront grille glossy black plastic look also nice like the M models also thehood looked beautiful with those lines they take a lot of things from the Mmodels and bring it to this new 8 Series you can see the front camera here rightin the middle of the grille the clappers are now close to the grille if you canlook carefully but they they will open automatic when the engine it's very hotthey will open and they will let it so much more air inside to go to the engineso that's the new system new technology from BMW and I like the all that featurethe bumper grille and all that feature that they take it from the M Sport fromthe sport versions also the brake discs and the caliper you can see it here alsothe rims are for M days they are the light aluminum rims so also they helpthe the car weight to be a little bit less so a lot of new take on the caralso the leasing it's pretty awesome these days just 0.9 it's pretty good upthere we have the cameras for Lane Assist we have the raining sensors thereis the camera for reading the traffic speed limit and all that new tech alsowe will go inside the car now to show you the interior as well but this thisback of the car just just make me crazy it looks so nice the car looks sobeautiful really really beautiful design it's just my opinion I don't know whatdo you think guys but in my opinion it is a fantastic cargreat design really beautiful what what can I say I just think it'sit's one of the most beautiful in this class and if not in my opinion the bestone anyway the Mercedes have also thiscoverlet that look gorgeous but yeah I don't knowI don't know I like this design exterior design much better also little claw alittle closer the blinkers let me show you the interior and we will start withbackseat also here on the side we have very good quality up here we haveleather we have the seat belt that are m-sport also leather very good qualityeven down there everywhere they work on every detail and they make a great greatjob great quality around everywhere also the seats are leather seat very goodquality as well and they also very comfortable because the leather it's alittle bit soft you can see the same design on the seats like you see it onthe brothers they are so comfortable I think BMW they find this combinationbetween the sport and comfortable seats because sometimes you have too muchcomfort you don't have sportiness and when you have too much sportiness youdon't have comfort for long trips but those seats from BMW that way they keepthe shape because they find the great great combination balance between thosealso we have ventilated heat rester right there so that's quite impressiveand also ventilated seats you can see the BMW Individual those seeds aremaking dividual and really special very good quality leather and they last verylong in time didn't it you will not see here around the edges of the seeds no nowearing in time he would have to to pass years and years to see some wearing onthose seats so I have to tell you heated seat ventilated sit on this BMW electricseat adjustable in every position very simplefrom down here also we have aluminum pedals also take it from the M they lookalso nice here we have some aluminum with M logo also you can see carbonwriting right there a lot of parts from this car are made from carbon you knowcarbon fiber it's much more lighter and and a lot of parts are made from carbonand then this helped the weight of the car to be less and helped the car to gomuch faster and have a better handling on the road the doors quality alsofantastic you can see the buttons for the saving position you can see thosespeakers from Bowers & Wilkins you find this on the Volvo you know BMW have alsocollaboration with them and they come with this beautiful beautiful I thinkthose are the most beautiful speakers that I see in a car I know Volvocollaborate as well and Mercedes as well I see it on them so those are some ofthe the best speakers and they also look great in this aluminum like that superglossy everywhere soft material and leather and see up there and everywhereon the doors a lot of space here the button for opening the trunk there inthe back and my opinion plenty plenty of space of good quality inside this careven the price it's it's so big but a lot of great great materials inthe car that deserve the price you can see now the city is going automatic inthe front to make some space for you to go there in the back now here we havecarpet everywhere soft material seats you already see it the leather seatbehind the front seat we have some rubber kind of rubber here we have theeasel fix even for kids you can have the kids here in the back leather in themiddle part right there and even here in theback we have leather and good quality materials we have a speaker as wellright here in the back and then here we have some plastic and then up there wehave leather really the same leather as you find it on the front door with thewhite stitches and it's a little bit a tenth of blue like that yeahfabulous really nice also when you put the seats back it will go in theposition automatic all the way back there so you can save the position ofthe seat the way you want you can customize it here in the middle middleconsole also very good quality leather on the armrest white stitches somechrome design insertion the dashboard looked fabulous in my opinion and willgo inside whoa they feel so nice to sit theresuper comfortable also great visibility on the mirrors they are big and nicealso up here good quality materials we have LED light in the mirror up herethen we have these LED lights with some glossy black buttons SOS button as wellup there then we have the mirror beautiful mirror I like those mirrorswith skinny edges like this one here you can see the the edges are really reallytiny and also you have a great visibility on the windscreen the carhave also the head-up display here in the front good quality on the dashboardas well here you can adjust the steering wheelelectrically from this stick right here so the car have electric adjustablesteering wheel so you can see right here how easy is to adjust this steeringwheel super is super simple anyway great great quality on the dashboard here arethe vent chrome design the vents look also super nice here are the button Fordlight those are the new button to open the headlamps also the fog light andalso the brightness of the interior and beyond light great quality on thedashboard I will show you a little bit laterhow cool is the ambient light inside this car it is really great they did agreat job and I know the materials are the best with the ambient light insidebut BMW did a great job with ambient light and and also you can see here theambient light it's also on the center console we have a line of LED light withblue also there right here it's soft material everywhere soft material evenon the glow box here the glow box it's it's yeah quitequite big enough for a Capri or late car also you can see there on the door theLED lights insertion and also the way the integrated dashboard with the doorslook very good also the position of driving it's awesome great visibilitythe car have the new system it dr7 that it's really good the M the new Msteering wheel with heated steering wheel also you can see the leather herein the middle stitches a great great steering wheel one of the best on themarket for sure and one of my favorite also here on the side you can changedifferent settings right there on the cockpit digital cockpit and also herethe adaptive cruise control and some safety features clappers for changingthe gear manually with this dick right there I think yousee it now you can change what you would like to see on the right side of thecockpit so you can have some option to adjust the widgets there in the rightside in the middle of the screen it's usually navigation and in the left sideusually the driving information like the speed and all other traffic speed limitssign and all that stuff in the middle there you have a camera that can readyour face your eyes and that can tell if you're tired or yeah they willthey will give you some information on the screen that you have to take a breakand stuff like that also here is the new multimedia system one of the best reallybig big enough great screen very very responsive great hardware and softwarebehind it one of the best in the market for sure it's very complex you have alot of info here you can see the weather you can see also the news on it you cansee here the consumption of the car and all that information about the lasttrips that you take with the car also you can go into detail here and see ifthe car have a problem with tires with when you have to make the service hereare some information about security and safety systems the doors you can changethe settings on the doors the lights and I don't want to go into detail because Ialready made a full review with a new II drive 7 multimedia system from BMW checkout on my channel if you want to see the full review with it and also here guysyou can see the apps I will go really fast through all these details also youcan create an user name on the car also here you can connect your phone mediayou know already telephone Bluetooth screen mirroringalso fortify you can have it right here on your car because the car can connectto the internet and the navigation system as I told you it's gorgeousgorgeous one of the best I have all kind of info there and his working reallyreally fast it's respond really fast to all the information so settings here onthe car display you can choose the head-up display for example I want toshow you the head-up display also one of the best is directly on the windscreenso it's it's one of the best one you can see it right there and don't know if youcan see it so well but it's right there in the middle so you can see when Iadjust it up and down so you can make an idea the way it looks it looks reallygood and when you're driving being inside the car it's it is very helpfulalso you can choice what you like to seeyeah anyway what I would like to show you more so the navigation down here youcan you can control the navigation also with the controllers down there you cansee it has the new system of controllers down there so it's pretty simple tocontrol it and very easy and also while you're driving it's recommended to usethose controllers from the center console it's much better than using thetouchscreen it's it's it lets you look on the on the road in the same time sothat that will be a great great thing also I want to show you how fast thisnavigation can load and destination so I put a destination there and you will seelike in no time it's it loading so that means the carhas a great fast Hardware behind it in this hardware it's really intelligentbecause it's loading very fast the destinations and also it's veryresponsive there are two buttons the shortcut buttonthis is the new controller it looked very fancy and very nice in my opinionand yeah anyway I'm going forward armrest is perfect just no words for ita lot of space here in the middle you have a new SBC 12 volt port down therealso an LED light so plenty of space here in the middle to put your stuff andthen the center console look fabulous we have LED light up here and another LEDlight down there around the center console so a lot of LED light insidethis car the car look fabulous in the night you can see the LED it's even inthe speaker skies that's really impressed me and that way I said thatthis car can beat the Mercedes in the interior of the of the ambient light Imean only the ambient light it is gorgeousin the night it looked fantastic so let me show you again here LED and then wehave right now on the speaker and also on the doors but in the speaker's theyhave also kind of designed there you can see how nice design it has on the upperspeaker and I'm down speaker it's quite impressiveon the camera I cannot catch so good those lights but trust me when you areinside the car your eyes can see that much better and you can make an idea ofhow cool is that ambient light it's it's really gorgeousI have to tell you it look phenomenal beautiful also let me go here too fastto the car to change the color because you can change the ambient light colorfrom here let me change the color and let me choice another one you can seewhen you change the color it's change also the green it's it's changed thegreen speaker says who all the color or viewlet for example youcan change it and you can see the color is changed I cannot see it so well butyeah because of the camera but trust me in real it looks fabulous and red rightnow on the red you can see better orange to look super super nice and also allthe all the light inside the car is changing all the ambient light it'sreally beautiful really really beautiful I like that super I like that a lotso anyway the stick stick isn't and one of the newest is from BMW you can seethe eight there in the middle it's super super fancy and gala glossy like adiamond it look beautiful really beautiful and also it's easy to use it'slike a finger it's more we have here the glossy plastic with the buttons for theseats here are the bands up there also ventilated this is for the passengerthis is for the driver then we have the parking brakes then we have the adaptiveecho Comfort Sport you change different modes of driving every time I change themode of driving it's change also the screen color and multimedia systemcolors so quite awesome then we have the start/stop button also kind of a glossyI could less you can see its look like little a/c and look very nice and alsothe buttons here for the parking sensors and cameras around the car and all thatnice stuff so you can see here that you can watch around the car so because thecar have cameras around it you can go to 3d and you can watch around the car whathappened because yeah I show you before the cameras around the car soyou are still able to look around the car without any problem so go to 3d andyou can see here where the car is in what's around the car and it will helpyou very very easily to park the car and to driving in in small places so anywayI hope you make an idea about that I love these three dimensional camerasthey are really really fancy and really great system down here we have the inthe vents guys and also down here we have two cupholders and USB port you canput here your stuff also you can charge your phone wireless down there and youcan also close this if you want to keep it closed you can leave it closed likethat and you can see how beautiful look this center console with all that designand also up here we have the media with this button it's a little bit differentbut other than that all other buttons glossy plastic they look nice here wehave the ventilated seat also heated seat guys you can change and adjust thespeed and the van and the fan and the way you want it also the seat I show youbefore they have little holes that help the air come in much better and alsohere we have a little screen right here in the middle for the climatic systemwhen when you can adjust the temperature inside the car inside a cabin it's veryvery simple to work with it and also it has the newest test systems so this isthe newest is kinematic systems also I like those buttons because those buttonshave some ambient light inside them I don't know if you can see it so well butthey look fancy also the vans they feel good qualitywhen you touch it and they look very nice up there we have the blinker buttonand then another button right here on the right side this is the button thatcan let you turn on all the security system or make it individual or turn itoff from that button and also I think it looked fabulous I think they did a greatjob with the center console the steering wheel it's awesome also the handles eventhe speakers look gorgeous in my opinion and what can I say in my opinion this isthe most beautiful cabrillo let in 2020 that's my opinionand I think it's Drive also fantastic on the road if I have to choice to tochoice car in this class probably I chose that one my recommendation for youguys if you have the money and you want to buy a Cabrio let this will be the oneof the best option so anyway beautiful car beautiful dashboard you can seethere the design of the new BMW BMW make big big step forward in 2020 and alsowith this new BMW 8 Series I think they did a great great job and I'm reallycurious what will come in the future I know BMW have the most beautifulexterior design also I want to show you the trunk here automatic lift gate inthe trunk as well also you can see here the the buttons and also good qualityright here an LED light that illuminate in the night the trunk and also anotherone we have two LED lights in the trunk also somespace in the left side where you find also the repair kit and medical kitunder there very well designed here we have the 12 volt port a nine here wehave two from here you can fold down the seat so it's pretty cool that you canalso fold down the seat this is really impressive so you can fold down theboats it and you wanna carry long items you can fold down the seat you can evencarry longer items there without any problem so also on the right side thesame same thing and some space there and also over here it's sure I tell you howcan you load your stuff under the under this plastic there and how the thingsworking I think it's pretty big it's really big it's really long this thistrunk it's quite quite long and you can put plenty of stuff in the car also thetriangle it's right here it's kind of deep trunk and see maybe 20 25centimeter and yeah that's it guys what can I say it's it has a lot of spacethere you can see for yourself pretty pretty pretty big space in the inthe trunk anyway I guess that was my review with the new BMW 8 Series 2020model guys I hope you enjoyed if you have question please ask me if you wannasee more of the new BMW subscribe to my channel check out my other videos I haveplenty of videos on my channel and what can I say thank you very much forwatching please subscribe and I see you soon in the next video bye guys

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